RedCell came about because of what happened to me - Mark Noblet.


In 2013, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma - a type of blood cancer.


In 2014, after 18 months of chemotherapy, I received 2 stem cell transplants;

the second one saved my life.


The treatment I received at

St James's Hospital in Leeds was world class, compassionate and extremely expensive.


Thanks to the NHS, I didn't have to part with a penny so now I use some of my skills to start paying back, funding research & buying equipment. Since 2016, I've used my RedCell images to raise more than £3000 for St James's in Leeds, Bloodwise & Anthony Nolan.


I donate 10% of every commission to these charities because I'm one of the lucky ones - not everyone gets a second chance at life.


So, my pictures make you feel good in more ways than one which is a great thing in any light...



Get in touch if you want to discuss a wedding, a project or to purchase a framed image.




Mark Noblet - Man Full of RedCells




My approach to photography comes from an obsession with light that started when I first saw work by Ansel Adams; I was in awe of his ability to convey the light and life in a scene through deeply textured images.


At first I assumed that he was using modern equipment and processing the images, but to find out that his photographs where mostly taken using a glass plate camera blew my mind.


I'm never ever going to compare myself to a master like Adams but I do always try to work with natural light to take pictures that need as little work on the computer as possible; the best photos look good straight out of the camera.


As you'll see from the galleries, I use various styles and work in both colour and monochrome.


For wedding photographs, I work with my wife Alison because she has a wonderful eye for detail and makes sure that everything is just as it should be. We try to capture the joy and beauty of the day and often find that the best pictures come when people don't know they are being snapped.


For family pictures, it's about happiness -

as simple as that.

I've got a a locker full of bad jokes and funny faces so these come in handy when working with kids (and again, some adults).


Click on a picture of me to see some of my work and get in touch if you like it.

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